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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Modern American Square Dancing?
Four couples form a "Square" and dance a pattern of figures as directed by a caller.  Music used today ranges from classic country, contemporary, to rock.  Movements are rhythmic, smooth, graceful and easy to learn.  The old time barn dance has been modernized.

What kind of people square dance?
People of all ages and walks of life who are interested in good, wholesome fellowship and fun. Instead of husbands and wives going separate ways, here is an activity geared to bringing couples together. Square dancing is an excellent family activity that also combines physical activity and exercise.  See article on WebMD.

But I'm a single.
Both the adult single and teenagers are encouraged to join the activity.  However, square dance clubs do not provide partners for singles.

But I have never danced before.
If you can walk to music you can learn to square dance.  Many of today's experienced dancers have never been on the dance floor prior to learning to square dance.

How expensive is it?
An evening's dance is $7.00 per person.

How do I dress?
Square dancers dress first for comfort and second for show.   For a start, ladies should wear a full skirt (or western style prairie skirt) and low heeled shoes.  For men, a long sleeve shirt is a must.  Dressing for dancing is part of the fun, and more elaborate dress may be desired later.

Am I too old (young) to square dance?
Age is no barrier to square dancers.  While most dancers are between the ages of 20 and 70, teenagers may square up with eighty-year-olds.  Square dancing is mentally and physically stimulating.

How can I learn to square dance?
Square dancing requires instruction to learn the basic movements.  These instructions are dances, which progress from simple to more complex figures.  Every square dancer was a "learner" at one time.

After the instruction - What?
There are thousands of square dance clubs in the United States as well as worldwide.  After the series of instructions, a dancer can dance anywhere in the United States and in many foreign countries.  Internationally all "calls" are in English.  In addition, the dancer can attend the annual local, regional and national conventions.  Dance weekends and cruises are popular.




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