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About Square Dancing


It’s not what you did in school!

It’s fun.
It’s exercise.
It’s a challenge.

Modern American square dancing is a mental and physical challenge.  It is dancing; it is thinking; it is teamwork.

Moving in rhythm to the music keeps you physically fit.  Reacting quickly to the square dance caller’s cues keeps you mentally on your toes.  And your team of eight dancers depends on you to keep those toes moving.

Learning the basic steps is fun.  Experienced square dance callers teach you the moves and the names of the calls.  You practice those moves until they feel as natural as walking.  Your square dance caller combines the calls into a whole dance pattern.  You and your teammates follow the calls .. each arm turn brings surprise .. and as the pattern concludes, all those arm turns bring you back to your partner.

Take the challenge: join the New Generation of Square Dancing!

The fun starts the very first night when you meet new people and make new friends.  The fun keeps right on going as long as you keep on dancing.  It’s a wonderful way to share common interests with other people and to escape the worries and pressures of today’s busy world.

Modern square dancing is the world’s greatest social mixer, using non-alcoholic stimulants called fun and fellowship.  It gives you that “great-to-be-alive” feeling.

No special skills are needed for square dancing, just know your left hand from your right hand.  This should not be mistaken for the old-fashioned “corn Likker” barn dancing of years back, nor should it be  compared with the clogging, tapping square dancing as seen in  the movies or on television.

Square dancers are all kinds of folks sharing a love of action and teamwork.  Square dancers work at whatever occupation you can think of, a real mix of people from all walks of life.

YOU’RE MISSING OUT  If you’re not participating in square dancing. You’re missing:
    - life long recreational enjoyment
    - friendships that span most boundaries
    - no age limitations

Remember, "Square Dancing is Friendship set to Music"!



                                                                    This page was last updated 12/17/2015